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99 996 Rear Main Seal Leaking again on new engine.


Vehicle Information: Year: 99; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 43,000;

Please refer to Rear Main seal leaking again 2/3/2003...Well the Seal was Leaking and now the Reman engine just blew upppp....Going not even 10 MPH at an intersection and it stalled and spit up about 4 quarts of oil.Oil is leaking and came from the Rear Main Seal.....The Big Question i have is that according to the RO and the dealer. The Intermediate Shaft Broke and Locked the left side of the motor...But they never mention anything about oil coming out of the rear main seal???I find this a little hard to Believe Because I was able to turn the engine over after it stalled and attempted this sever times...I stopped when I heard a metal to metal sound and then i got out of the car to realize the oil puked out.Is it possible for the Shaft to break and then a piece of this shaft to be spitt out the Rear main seal??? Where is the shaft located? and have you ever heard such a thing...MY theory is that the car blew the seal out first then it depleted it self of oil and then the shaft broke that would make more sense to me..Then after the dealer put in another Re-man i had to go back 3 times to reset check engine lights.1) First time was for some type of backfire it(computer) picked up.The computer was reset and everything seemed ok.2) Second time was for an o2 sensor. reset the computer and all was good for about 5 hours.3) Well I need to go back to the dealer tomorrow to have it checked out...I can't complain about my dealer because they treat me great and try to get everything done for me ASAP.But i just can't take it any more this is just too much work for me...I only use this car on the weekends..Any advise or help is greatly appreciated..Thanks

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