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'99 Boxster AOS

  • 1999
  • Boxster
56 000

Trying to change this confounded plastic piece and stymied in two ways.

One, all the online procedures, and Peter's, seem to imply it is pretty simple. That's the theory, but in practice it isn't working that way. I think it's probably original, as the car only has 56,000 miles. So the 6mm mounting bolts are unreasonably tight for the size. I was able to loosen the bottom one with a wrench, as it is exposed. The upper one is only accessible by socket, and one-handed, I'm not getting enough pressure on it to keep it from slipping off. I even tried applying pressure to the ratchet head with a long screwdriver through the wheel opening, with no success. Obviously, destroying it in the position it's in would be really bad.

Last, I could use some instruction on removing the intake tee and the throttle cable. The manual (Bentley) and all the other instructions are very vague, and don't cover getting the throttle cable off the tee, or removing the throttle body.

Thank you.


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