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993 C- brake jub issues


Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 1996; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 78,000;

Last year I installed a set of used calipers, pads and rotors from a 993 turbo. The rotors were good, there was still meat left on the pads and budget issues made the recycling of the older product worth while. A year later filled with autocross, normal street driving, warped front rotors and an upcoming drivers school at Thunderhill - inspired me to purchase a new set of rotors and a set of pagid orange pads. They arrived last week and I spent part of this weekend installing them. (but of course there are issues...)1) The front pads from pagid do not have holes in them for the brake sensors. I have drilled holes in them to fit the sensors. Have I destroyed their structural or braking integrity? (They are the exact size and depth of the holes in the orginal pads.) 2) With the backing plates, anti squeal widgets and new pads- the caliper will not fit over the new rotor. a) The pistons are fully recessed into the caliper. b) There is nothing fouling the pads in the caliper. c) The rotor is the correct type for the applicationd) The pads are the correct type for the application. Is it that pagids are slightly thicker than the stock pads resulting in this problem?? Does that mean I can install the pads with the widgets installed directly to the back of the pads?Or am I missing something and the pagids + backing pad + widget do fit over a new rotor? Thanks for the help!!Cheers, Julien

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