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993 Cab. Window rattle and height adjustment


Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 1997; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 35K;

My drivers side window suffers from two things. Please advise if you think it's worth messing with.1) Slight rattle. sounds like glass on metal, or as if some plastic /rubber fitting is worn. Mostly when window is down completely. I drive with the window up about 1/2 inch.. seems to help. Shop said $500 $600 they could take it appart in see what going on. worth it?2) Again the Drivers side window is just a 1/8 or so of an inch higher then the top of the rubber slide that runs up the "vent window". This causes the door not to close easily. So what I do is lower it that 1/8 or so. Once agian shop says they can adjust. Do you think it's work it? Is there anything that I could do to correct these two issues. Or should I just deal with imprefection, relax and drive?

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