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993 Clutch- what else to do at same time?

Transmission and Clutch

Vehicle Information: Year: 1995; Body Type: Convertible; Total Mileage: 78,000;

I have owned my 1995 993 cab for one year, bought w/68000 miles, now has 78,000 miles. The car runs great but this winter the clutch pedal, upon release, does not immediately pop up all the way when the engine is cold in lower gears. The clutch also slips sometimes in higher gears. The only other problems I have had were leaky valve cover gaskets and failed blower and A&C blower resistors, both of which were fixed by a local shop. My guess is that it is time for a new clutch. Since there is going to be quite a bit of labor costs involved, I want to make the most of my labor dollars. What should I have replaced? Is it advisable to have the flywheel replaced as well as the clutch (and if so, replace it with which one)? Should the oil be changed at this time, too? Is it better to upgrade to a higher performance clutch? I don't take this car to the track but enjoy spirited street driving and may autocross it. What should one expect to pay? The estimate I got was $1,700 w/o flywheel. Thanks in advance.

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