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993 Euro RS or RS replica

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Vehicle Information: Model: 993 RS; Year: any; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: n/1;

Joel,I am interested in a 993. But which one? The car will be a street car and used for the occasional track day, not club racing. I have a car for that.I like the '97-98 C2S and have looked at a few. I will start with a clean stock car and modify it to create a 993RS replica. I plan to spend about $75,000 "all-in" with mods.I have seen advertisements for people bringing in Euro 993RS into the states. While they areabout a 1/3rd more in price, It may have some investment/collectibility potential.So here are my questions...1) Is the body width (rear fenders) the same on RS' and C2S'? Or if I go the hot-rod route will a standard C2 993 work?2) Will a Euro RS hold its value?3) Have you had any experience with 993 RS replicas or know of anyone who imported a 993RS for the street.Your help would be appreciated.

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