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Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 1997; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 66463;

Are there any recommendations for Fuel Additives like Red Line SI-1 vs. Granatize?My "Check Engine" light came on; the car was running fine. I took it to the dealer. Dealer's diagnosis was carbon buildup due to California's specially formulated fuel and the hotter running air-cooled engine. Dealer says they have seen about a dozen of these cases in the last two years. The car performs well, but could not pass the CA Smog test. CA gives no exemptions for cars younger than 1975.The dealer's solution was to soak the narrow air passages in the block with Granatize, and using a wire coat hanger scrape the carbon out of the air tubes. This is a three day, $1,500 solution. The alternative is an engine rebuild for perhaps $12,000. I bought the $1,500 solution. The "Check Engine" light is now out. The car is running fine. My Smog check is in May of 2008. The dealer recommends adding "Granatize" to the fuel every 3000 miles. A 928 driver friend has had a similar problem, and has had good success with Red Line SI-1. I asked the dealer about Red Line. The dealer says he has no experience with Red Line, but their experience with Granatize has been about 80% successful.Can anyone add to this discussion?

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