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993 kinematic link adjustment

Suspension and Steering

Vehicle Information: Model: 993, C2; Year: 1996; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 82,000;

Dear Joel,I have read the factory manual and the PCA Tech Q&A pages on the 993s rear suspension kinematic link and found very little concrete information that allows me to properly make this adjustment. I recently installed PSS9s and RS antisway bars and the camber eccentric is nearly at the end of its adjustment to get the camber in spec. Ride height is now 135mm front and 120mm rear, about halfway between sport and RS specs. When I take the kinematic measurements with a digital level, the toe arm (control arm 2) slopes downward from the wheel at 4.8 degrees from level and the lower control arm (control arm 5) slopes downward from the wheel at 10.2 degrees, a difference of 5.4 degrees. The factory manual states that the figures on the factory tools may deviate from each other by not more than 1.5 scale units. Obviously I dont have the factory tools (and neither will anybody else who wants to set up their 993 themselves) so I dont know how many scale units my links are off by. As a wild guess I suspect that my difference of over 5 degrees is more than 1.5 scale units. The factory tools are just bubble measuring tools that locate accurately on the suspension links. Unfortunately they also hold the mystery of what a scale unit is and whether the scale is in reference to horizontal. Do you know what the scale units are and whether they are in reference to horizontal, and can you offer 993 owners any other advise in making this adjustment?Thanks,George

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