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993 Questions / Car will not turn off

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Vehicle Information: Year: 1995; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 68000;

This is my 3rd 911,It was custom ordered and pick up in Germany by a Doctor,then ship to Hawaii, I'm the 2nd. owner, and it is the Bomb.Delivery date 12/11/94. First Q, What is option 09991 mean? 2nd.Q, Witch 1995 993 cars had a wire harness problems? My Cars ID # WPOCA2993ss342296.& runs great!(68000) Miles. 3nd Q, Does the 1995 model normally come with OBD I, Because Mine Came with OBD II. 4Th. Q, What DME relay Should it be the one for 1995 models 99361812306/12406, or the one for OBDII 99361860410.What was in there was 94461522700 and got replaced with 898892000(after market?) Long story, on the panel next to the relay says 99361001100. Hears why. One day in June I got home and turn the car off, pulled the key out, but the car kept on running with keys in hand.Too turn the car off that night I first pulled the Dme relay but the instrument panel stayed lite, so then I pulled the Neg. cable on the battery to that off. first fix change the Dme relay 898892000, Lasted 2 days, next attempt ignition switch back half , it to lasted two days also. Where could it be? I Had every Porsche mechanics stumped.Car's running with no key! By luck I found it, I accidentaly hit another relay and the car turned off. Tracing it down, it was of all things , the A/C blower fan relay,whitch made sense because it only happened whenevery I used the A/C. I changed the A/C blower fan relay and now the cars turns off all the time! I think what was happening was the relay coil stayed energized keeping the contack closed, sending electricity to the DME which kept the car running. so what is the right Dme relay for my 1995 993 with OBDII. The one in ther now is 89 8892 000 I assume it's and afer market part that my machanic put in. The car is running great.Thanks from HawaiiColburn

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