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993 SAI issues after top end rebuild

  • 1997
  • 911 Carrera S
79 000

I have read the advise re SAI. Most seems to be in the 04/05 time frame. I recently, March of 15, test drove a 993 C2S with 79,000 miles. It presented well but it had no service history for the past ten years, had covered less than 10,000 miles in that period with only 300 miles in the last two years as it was unregistered. Almost immmediatly the check engine light came on and remained on for the one hour test drive during which the car performed well. The seller, a Porsche dealer with the car on consignment, took it to their service department, read the codes and said it was a SAI problem. However they told me it was expected for a car that had not been driven such as this, it would go away if the car was driven hard and even if fixed the problem would reoccur. I passed on the car without going to the PPI level because of their response and lack of service records. My question focuses on the last of the point made, that even if fixed the problem would reoccur. I am assuming a fixed means a top end rebuild a substantial cost especially considering the "while you are there" additional fixes, cluch, flywheel, rings, head studs etc. for a car with 79,000 miles. My guess is 10 or 12 thousand. Does the SAI problem reoccur after a top end rebuild ? If so why? If not why ?  I own both a 78SC since 84 and a 2000 Boxster S built to my spec so I know every model has its issues and I have delt with them just trying to see whats ahead withe 993 if I buy one. 

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