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993 Shifting is not smooth

Transmission and Clutch

Vehicle Information: Year: 1998; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 26000km (15000 miles);

The vehicle is used for ~ 4000km per summer and is stored in a dry garage while not in use for 6 months from Oct-April. When I took the car to the Lauzon Porsche dealer for a check up in May 2003, a small transmission leak was noticed at the shifter seal, the boot was full of T-oil. The "seal" part POR99911340440 was removed and a new one was installed at the local Porsche dealer in Laval. No other work was performed. I drove away and noticed that when shifting between gears that the shifter required more effort when shifting between 1-2, and 2-3, and particularly while under power (ie >4-5000 rpms). The feeling is like the shifter is stuck momentarily in it's last position and the release is not smooth when shifting between gears. Note this is the case only when driving, not with the engine off. Last week I returned the vehicle to Lauzon Porsche and they checked everything about the shifting linkage where they had worked on the seal etc and all is okay. Their diagnosis is that the clutch disc is not gliding easily on the clutch rod when shifting and that this prevents the release of the transmission from the power of the engine which in turn creates the resistance felt when shifting. They explained this condition is due to limited usage of the vehicle and possible rust/dirt build up on the clutch rod spline. The solution offered to me is to remove the engine and transmission and open the clutch area and clean lubricate the rod etc. A rather extensive bill for labor/parts and will cost in about 1500.00. Also should I chnage the entire clutch ass'y while we have this open is a question I have (another 1500.00)?I was wondering if you concur their diagnosis and if you have had similar knowledge of this problem and perhaps a different diagnosis and less expensive solution. Also any recommendations concerning driving as although the shifting is a noticeably not the smooth Porsche I am accustomed to, does this potentially strain the transmission syncro's. The reason I ask is because I was explained by Lauzon that the resistance I am feeling is due to the engine power not releasing the transmission at the normal rate when depressing the clutch and shifting? Lauzon did say that this "sticking" clutch disc may loosen up with more driving however I am worried about any potential damage that may occur while driving it now??Your best and immdiate attention/assistance is very much appreciated,Derek

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