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993 SuperCup Timing Advance

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Vehicle Information: Model: 993 Super Cup; Year: 1995; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 26,000 km;

We have recently spent the past year and a half restoring a 993 Factory Super Cup to it's original factory specifications as delivered and raced in Europe. The problem we are having is with the timing. Presently, the timing is fixed with a maximum of 3 degrees total advance. Knowing that the timing is controlled only through the chip in the ECU from information supplied by the Throttle Position Sensor and the flywheel sensor, to my knowledge, there is no mecahanical way to change or alter the timing without changing the pickups on the flywheel. The parts list I have for a 993 Cup Car lists the flywheel as a stock part number, 964.102.239.31 . Factory specs indicates the timing should be 28 degrees. We have a new factory ECU harness, new TPS and Flywheel sensor. In addition, there are no fault codes. To verify the ECU, we took an ECU from another 95' Cup Car and got the same readings, n3 degres fixed advance. We also tried pluging both ECU's into a stock 993, unpluging the Mass Air Sensor, and also got the same fixed timing, 3 degrees. The stock 993 showed a total advance of around 38 degrees. My question is, do the Cup Cars run with fixed timing as some of the RSR's in the 90's did? If so, how and where is this set? If not, any ideas? We have tried to contact Porsche Motorsport North America however, they no longer provide support for their factory air cooled race cars so they have been no help.Mark NCitrus Region

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