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993 Windshield noise


Vehicle Information: Model: 993 Coupe; Year: 1996; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 52,000;

I had he windshield replaced (stone chip) about a year and a half ago. All parts, windshield and rubber seals inner and outer, were genuine Porsche parts. After about one year, I started to hear noises coming from the front cowl area. The noises sounded similar to creaking and to popcorn popping (thats probably a poor description but its as close as I can come). I checked the obvious items under the dash and front trunk but couldnt determine what was causing them. While I was attempting my diagnosis, the noises were getting louder and more frequent. I immediately took the car to my dealer for diagnosis. My usual Tech got in the car and drove it only about 150 feet before saying its your windshield. He said that it is a common problem with 993s; the body flexes and the windshield gaskets make noise. He advised me to take it back to the specialty body shop that I had install the glass rather than pay him to fix it. I took it to the shop and we road tested the car. The noise baffled the shops owner but he assured me he would do anything necessary to correct the windshield problem (if it was that). He called the Tech (they are friends) and was told to lubricate under the outer gasket with grease to stop the noise. The only lubricant the shop had was Vaseline so we lubricated under the gasket with it. This cured the noise to the amazement of both the shop owner and me. The fix lasted for about a month and the noise started again.I called the shop and after a discussion between the owner and my Tech it was decided that the Vaseline probably wasnt an adequate lubricant. The Tech uses Miracle Lube (I think thats the name) and the fix, while not advertised as permanent, usually lasts much longer than a month. Since the car was going in for service to the dealer, the body shop owner told me to have the dealer fix the problem and he would pay for it (which he did). That was about 4 months ago and the noise is just starting again.Last evening I received another stone chip so I will be having the windshield replaced again. I would appreciate your expert thoughts on the following:1.Is this, in fact, a problem in Porsche 993s or do you think the windshield was not installed properly? It appears to have been cemented in very well and has not leaked. Also, no amount of pressing on the windshield or inner seal affected the noise.2.Is there something that can be done at installation to avoid this problem occurring? I plan to again use all genuine Porsche parts and have the windshield and all gaskets replaced. I also plan to take the car to the same shop unless advised otherwise.3.Is the original rear view mirror which came on my car still available; and, if so, how can I get one? The mirror was damaged when it was removed from my original windshield. The body shop obtained a replacement from the dealer (at no charge to me). The mirror they received and installed is a different shape than mine and has Audi markings on it. I called the dealer and gave the parts department the information from the mirror. I was told that what I had was the correct replacement and that it was not uncommon for some parts to be shared between makes (thus the Audi markings).I realize you must be very busy with the many questions you receive. However, I would appreciate any information you could give me. I must have the windshield replaced before I can get a MA inspection sticker. As luck would have it, the sticker runs out the end of this month. Any means of communication would be fine. I have my cell on during the day while I am at the office and I am home most nights. E-Mail is also great.Thank you for any information you can supply, I really appreciate your giving of your time to help me and other less knowledgeable members.

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