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993 Windshields


Vehicle Information: Model: 993 C2; Year: 1995; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 64000;

In reference to the question posted earlier this month about a 993 Cabriolet windshield: Is there someone out there that really does know about the proper removal and installation and the TSB that updates this issue? I realize that you defer to your local knowledgeable glass installers for this, but here in the wilderness, where we have fewer people in general, often times owners must understand the workings of their cars in order to help their vendors do the proper job. It's not a reflection on anybody's good or bad work; it's just that knowledge is power. Go West, Young Man.We must remove the rear windshield on a 1995 993. It appears to be roped in, but after reading the few posts on this subject, am I correct to think that it is more than roped in, but glued in? The front windshield squeaks on this car, and has had Lexol lubricant inserted so many times, the slippery seal doesn't sit right and is filthy with attracting dirt. There must be a better way. When we say 1995 to the local dealer, their attention drifts away.... Could someone on the PCA site please get access to the clearly important TSB? we LOVE this car; it's the best. But we need more help with this pesky issue.Thank you, Joel!

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