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993TT new oil leak


Vehicle Information: Year: 1997; Engine (Size, Modifications): Twin Turbo 3.6 litre stock; Total Mileage: 36000;

Started my 993TT today after (5) mths cold storage and found an oil leak I never had before on the drivers side down under near the sheet metal protector that covers about 40% of the valve cover access, The leak poiint is not visible as it is behind this sheet metal and the oil runs along the inside of this sheet metal and drips down onto the exhaust manifold (heater area cover) directly opposite to the turbo.I checked the areas around the Turbo (as I had a leak there and had to replace the Turbo 2 years ago so I am famailar with oil leakage), and found every thing was clean.Any idea where this leak might be i.e. valve cover gasket? It seems unusual to me that it was clean and tight when I stored it and now starts leaking only minutes after start up following (5) mths of cold storage.Please advise,Derek

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