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996 / 986 Headlight Gasket repair. Is this a good option?

  • 2000
  • 911 Carrera 4
100 567

996  & 986 Headlight Gasket repair ?  I have been searching for a fix for 3 years... and I think I have found a good replacement.

This hollow "P" shaped 1/4 inch tubing ( 1/2 inch overall width ) with a tape backing worked great on my 2000 C4. Ordered from McMASTER-CARR

 - "High Temp Rubber Seal" - Pt # 1129A992 "Style B".

A 5-foot section does one headlight with some left over. Two 5-foot rolls cost $19 plus shipping & tax. See the part number details in photo.

A few notes on installation. Clean all the old rubber "Goo" from the area with alcohol including the channel between the clear lens and the black headlight case. This new tubing flange will fit inside this channel. Insert it with the tape side facing away from the lens and as you work it around the lens remove the tape backing. It will stick to the channel and stay put without any other clamping. Run the tubing out about an inch beyond the lens and when you reinstall the Light assembly, tuck the extra tubing under the light between the fender.

Because this is hollow tubing it compresses very well as the light is installed in the fender. And if it bulges out any it is easily pushed back in place with a finger or a small plastic tool. It is Black but a bit shinier that the original which I could compare to my other lamp which is new having been replaced after damage.  

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