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996 alarm issues

  • 2001
  • 911 Carrera
135 000
Electrical and Electronic

My 996 has developed some disturbing alarm behavior. It started a while ago ,a year or more , the car would report two short beeps while being driven , would occasionally report twoo short beeps while parked in the driveway , and sometimes ,but not always sound the same report ( which I understand is an alrm malfunction code ) when I open the drivers door. the car would ,on occasion lock the doors ,or unlock the doors without provocation. While driving I would hear the electronic door mecanism click a few times ,followed by the short two beep report . This behavior seemed at times to be caused by bumpy roads , but then again not. Then one morning it locked me out of the engine compartment , I determined the issue was a worn deck lid electronic latch , when it was replaced everything seemed to be ,kind of O.K.

   The car is relatively new to me . I have owned it for about 1 1/2 years but I am not modern car savy,, so much of these fancy electronic gizmos elude my knowledge and comprehension. I ,as a general rule do not lock the car when it is parked ,anywhere .. I live near  the middle of nowhere , so the car is safe here , and there's nothing in it to steal so I don't worry about it. None of the key fobs function properly , so when I do lock the car I just put the key in the door ,, It's old fashioned for shure , but 100% effective everytime.

   Now, the alarm system is doing the same things,, sometimes sending the two beep alarm malfunction code when entering ,, going off while driving ,, the doors may or may not lock ,, I am not sure if the cabin door lock switch is working ,it makes a sound when I push it but the red light stays on , and honestly I don't have enough seat time in the car to know if the doors are locking or not.

  I am looking for someone to discuss this with , someone that might be able to direct me strategically into dtermining if I should send the module out to be tested and or reprogramed or should I trial and error the electronic lock parts ?



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