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996 C4S ROW Part Numbers

Suspension and Steering

Model: 996 C4S, Year:2003, Mileage:76K, Type of use:Both Street & Track
Joe: I asked, "I'm looking to "enhance" the suspension on my 2003 996 C4S. Based on the information I've found, I believe the the stock suspension is basically the US M030, and that a ROW M030 upgrade option is not available for the 996 C4S. Also, that the ROW/Euro 996 C4S came with a suspension setup that was a notch better than the US version (possibly something comparable to a ROW M030 setup). If all of that is accurate, I'm looking for the part numbers for the ROW/Euro 996 C4s springs and shocks/struts (plus any other hardware that's different and would be required to swap in these parts). Thanks."In your reply you said, "With the 964 and 993 it was pretty simple, we'd look up the ROW M030 stuff and start ordering. With the 996 things became more complex. One of the best writeups I have ever seen is the work of Gert Carnewal in Belgium. Check out his website Among the many options, there is a listing further down for "RoW Sport Suspension for US P96 C4S" which I think is what you are looking for." Thanks for answering the question I posed, but I was hoping to find out the actual part numbers in able to order through USDM Porsche dealers. The link you referenced had noactual "writeup" but only offered a way to purchase the parts, and ordering from Europe has the attendant shipping costs.Thanks,Curt

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