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996 Engine rebuild

  • 2000
  • 911 Carrera
101 000

Hi. I am a new Porsche owner, specifically a 2000  996...According to the previous owner,  the IMS went out at 80k miles. The engine was rebuilt by Martin Biernacki at  MB motorsports. I have a receipt signed by him, but no specific details on what was done. I did call them, sent them a photo of my receipt, and they confirmed the receipt was valid. Apparantly he did the actual rebuild.  The work was done almost 5 yrs and 20k miles ago and they could not provide me with specifics. My main question has anyone heard of this person, is the IMS automatically replaced on a rebuild and should there be any reason for concern. Its too late as I own the car, but i get very nervous driving it. Considering the IMS horror stories,  I was betting that a good rebuilt engine was the play here so Im hoping I didnt make a mistake. Any feedback is greatly appreciated..

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