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996 follow up white smoke 2


Vehicle Information: Body Type: Coupe;

Regarding coolant I know that just after I bought the car with 6k miles I went for a 3 day track event to VIR. During that event I noticed the coolant was at the Min. reading I think the car was cool when I added 12-16 oz. of coolant that was 10k miles ago and I haven't added coolant since. This A.M. after reading your note I checked the coolant with the car cooled over night. It read 1/3 above Min. Later in the day, with the car hot, it read at Min.! Is this correct? I have gotten a good smell of what is coming out the exhaust and it doesn't smell like coolant and it doesn't smell like burning oil the smell is sort of "chemical" and to me not like a car running rich. In any case I will take it to the dealer for them to check the coolant/oil issue. Is there anything I should ask them to do to further check the integrity of the oiling and cooling systems?

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