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996 interior paint


Vehicle Information: Model: 996; Year: 1999; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 130,000;

regarding the question about painting interiors: "I have 5 or 6 paint chips on the interior on the console,above the radio, and at the base of the seat belt retractors. It is a grey interior and the chips have taken it down to black. Each chip is on a interior body component that would lend itself to masking it off and respraying/refinishing the area....or so it appears. I also have some badly scarred rear seat side panels where the vinyl finish has deep gouges and stains. I am interested in getting both flawed areas corrected as reasonably as possible $ and so the flaws are not so apparent/obvious. Suggestions ? Thank you in advance for your help." I have repainted the interior of my Cabriolet using Dupli-Color "Sand" colored interior and vinyl paint. I removed the interior parts, cleaned them with acetone, masked off the carpeting, and painted them. first with a light coat, then with a slightly heavier coat. The heavily handled leather parts also got a couple coats of leather protector. A kind of protectant that tandy Leather sells for things like horse saddles.I also painted the speckled using Speckled grey paint and overcoated that with triple thick clear.On the silver items like the little handles, I used silver wheel paint. Its tougher than I expected.Good luck.

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