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996 oil pressure


Vehicle Information: Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 47250;

Re: oil pressure debate. I purchased a CPO 996 early his year and felt from the get-go that my oil pressure was too high, just under 5 bar on any acceleration or 3,000 rpm and up constant. Got the "that's normal" from dealer even though the owners manual says 3.5 bar at 5,000. At 4000 miles into the purchase (42,000 total) a ticking/tapping noise appeared caused by, or resulting in metallic particles in the oil caused by who knows what. This resulted in a new crate engine from Atlanta at no charge under the CPO program.The oil pressure now reads 3.5-4 bar at 5,000 like the book says it should. My theory is that a too high oil pressure reading was caused by a blockage resulting in poor lubrication resulting in a spun bearing. That or a faulty gauge/sender and something else let go. Either way I have a new engine with zero out of pocket. On break in, I was pretty easy for 300 miles not going over 3,000. From 300 to 1000 miles, frequent spirited acceleration to 4,000 but no WOT. After 1000 miles I would run it to just under red line in 2nd and 3rd, sometines 4th a few times on almost every drive. After complete warm up obviously. Four grand in 6th is about 110 as I recall so it is pretty easy to have some restraint. I have used just over 1 quart in 5,000 miles and most of that was in the first 1000 miles. My theory is get a sane 1000 miles on a new street engine and then drive it like you stole it. It is all about heat cycles. Isn't that how you do it with a new race engine?

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