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996 performance increases


Vehicle Information: Year: xxx; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: xxx;

I read an article in one of the other Porsche magazines regarding the PowerFlow test on the 996. It was interesting how the stock intake outperformed the PowerFlow. I guess you were right all alongdont mess with perfection. The 996 motor is configured to work at optimum performance levels. Its funny how consumers will spend money (lots of money) to make a car sound good, while at the same time doing nothing for the performance/longevity of the car. Champion took a 996, changed the exhaust at a cost of $4600 to increase the horsepower by a whopping four to make the car sound better, punchier in the eyes of some of their clients. I doubt one could really feel a gain of four hp.Im starting to realize that many people do modifications to these cars purely for aesthetic purposes with very small performance gains. When my car comes in, the only thing I will modify is the stereo and leave the perfection of the body, motor, chassis, etc., alone.

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