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996 RPM Recommendations


Vehicle Information: Year: 2002; Body Type: Convertible; Total Mileage: 7200;

On Dec 17 you answered a question on "shift points" and that answered half of my question, so thanks for that. The second part of my question relates to whether the new 996 3.6 engines should be driven (for any length of time) at a certain "minimum" RPM in the interests of the engine. Obviously, running around in 3rd gear at 4000 or 4500 RPM provides more instantaneous acceleration than being in 4th at 2500, and being in 5th while cruising on the highway means more immediate acceleration (without downshifting) than being in 6th, and that is all a matter of balancing performance with noise and convenience. But from the standpoint of the engine, I have heard all the stories about Porsche engines "wanting" to be run above 3500 or even 4500, and that it is harmful to run them below 2500. My suspicion is that some of this is old advice pertaining to smaller displacement air-cooled engines (and in Paul Frere's comprehensive book on the 911 he talks about how those engines performed best at what seem to me to be astronomical numbers like 4500 or 5000). So, unless I am doing spirited country road driving where I keep it around 3500 -4000, most of the time I find myself "cruising" at between 2200 and 3000, and it seems like the engine does not feel like it is "lugging". But as a first time Porsche owner, I thought I would ask the expert.

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