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996 speedometer optimistic?

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Vehicle Information: Year: 2001; Body Type: Convertible; Total Mileage: 7000;

The speedometer seems very optimistic in this car. I had it checked with a state trooper. At indicated 55 I was actually going 49. I would guess at indicated 65 it is probably 8-10 miles optimistic. Do you know if this electronic speedo is adjustable via its electronics? The car has 17" standard wheels and tires (michelin pilot), with proper tire inflation also. It has done this since the day I picked it up. I jokingly told my wife that itwas to make me feel like I was going faster without getting me a ticket.Unfortunately, its not really a laughing matter. Itseems to get worse the faster I go. Since it is all electronic, I was wondering if it can be electronically calibrated with their computer hookup.

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