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996 Sport Exhaust and Cold Air Intake


Vehicle Information: Year: 2002; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 18,300;

I have just installed a set of Gemballa sport exhausts (just the two silencers, no headers) and thought my feedback would be of interest to others. I should mention that another long-time club member has had them on his 996 and recommended them highly, and so far I am very pleased. With only a couple hundred miles on the new exhausts, I notice only a slightly louder note, which I understand will increase with mileage. But the biggest difference is the smoothness of the engine. Compared to the OEM exhausts, the engine now feels much smoother when accelerating from 30-60, for example, almost "turbine-like" compared to the past, no "stuttering" or hesitancy. I also get better throttle response when "blipping" during heel/toe downshifts. I am sure this translates into increased HP, but the precise amount would require a dyno I am sure. But I can definitely feel the difference. After all the things I read on the website about people who have installed the expensive Porsche "sport exhaust" with the extensive wiring for the two "modes", this seems like an option people should consider.My question now concerns air intake. What is the best way to improve the "other end of the pump" now that the exhaust has been improved. Will a simple change to a K&N filter be enough? Or do the "Cold Air Intake Systems" (which appear to be replacements of the airbox and intake tract) which run about $250 do a far better job? Any experience you have heard with either system on 2002 or later 996's would be appreciated.

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