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996 summer storage - extended warranty


Vehicle Information: Model: 996 Carrera 4; Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 61000;

Joel,In response to the recent question about purchasing an extended warranty on a 1999 C2 that will be left in storage, my suggestion would be buy the warranty. I own a 1999 C4 in which I've just experienced an engine failure due either to cylinder liner slippage and rod-bearing failure, or the "dreaded" intermediate shaft failure. Porsche warranties the engine ONLY for 50,000 miles. According to PCNA, there is "no goodwill policy" after the 50,000 miles. The estimate for replacing the engine, which I understand is more common than Porsche would like to admit, ranges between $12,000-$13,500 inclusive of the core charge. According to MotorMeister in California, rarely does Porsche refund the core charge in these engines even though the failure is due to design flaws and production. If I had had the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty at the time I purchased my used 996, I would have and would now not be facing a repair bill that equals the purchase of many new cars.

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