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996 Suspension/ Ride Quality Question

Suspension and Steering

Vehicle Information: Year: 2003; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 1170;

I would like to ask your help in solving a tire/suspension issue. Before purchasing my '03 996, I took several test-drives' to help determine exactly what options I wanted in my car, and drove a car w/ 18" wheels and it did seem to me that the ride seemed actually quite supple and compliant/comfortable. Re: my '03 996,(no handling/suspension options), I'm having a very difficult time adjusting to the ride(and I have previously owned a '99 996 that seemed much more comfortable). It(the car)feels distinctly like a C4S that I also test-drove; MUCH more rigid, even jittery. At first I thought it was the 18" wheels/tires(Michelin Pilots,they came from the dealership w/ f36/r46 PSI). I deflated the tires to f30/r32 and did notice some improvement, and now they feel fairly supple(at least at very low-speed sharp bumps). Still, above 40 mph, the ride takes on a different quality altogether with a very sharp rigid coil/recoil sensation such that the car even seems 'nervous/disconnected' over concrete patches,and every pavement imperfection/strip seems to set up a repeated coil/recoil sensation that seems to resonate repeatedly through the car. The car handles beautifully; there seems to be no tire imbalance, 'shimmy', etc. Can you tell me whether this is a Tire or Suspension(springs, shocks, etc) problem? If spring-related, could the factory springs be defective? Would it help simply to simply put on another set of factory springs? Have there been any suspension changes between model-years, and would a previous model-years'springs fit my car and solve my problem? (If they are in fact softer). I'd rather not use an aftermarket component unless I had no other options. Even if this is a suspension issue, would simply changing to 17" wheels solve this, or only make a marginal difference?I apologize for putting you on the spot with such a subjective issue.

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