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996 Track Car


Vehicle Information: Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 75000;

I have owned my 2000 C4cab now for a couple of years. I love participating in AutoX and I have 20 days of track time accumulated at DEs. My friends have helped me make the decision I should stop driving this in DEs and get a car for the track. After considering everything from a 944 on up I have come to the conclusion that I would not be happy with anything less than a 996. Talking to a couple of sales managers from 2 new Porsche dealerships in my area they said they would keep an eye out for a high mileage trade-in that I could get in the $25000 range. I had figured even if I had to replace the motor I would be in the $35000 range. Now I read in one of your answers about the RMS problems that a new crated motor is $20000.I was shying away from a car with 75000 miles, which has a new motor with 2 year warranty from Porsche for $35000. This motor was replaced by Porsche at no charge even though it was well passed the warranty. With this info about the price of a crated motor am I better off going ahead with a car like this or if I get a car with 100,000 miles will it be past the problem point and if the motor goes will Porsche stand behind it? The condition of the suspension and interior are insignificant since I will be changing these.Any advice will be greatly appreciated.I hope your answer is not the Russian roulette one.

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