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996.2 whirring sound upon deceleration from approx 60 mph to 40 mph

  • 2004
  • 911 40th Anniversary
58 800
Tega Cay, 
South Carolina

I have a 2004 996 40th Anniversary, 58k miles or so, and have noticed a "whirring" or lower pitched whine coming from the car (rear) that is only noticeable upon deceleration as i go from approximately 60mph down to around 40 to 45 mph. It is only there when in gear, goes away when clutch is depressed or it is in neutral. Also isn't noticeable at all when accelerating. Any ideas? I purchased the car in Nov 2018, and have noticed it for the past few months. I haven't check diff / tranny fluids yet but find it odd it is only noticeable under these rather narrow parameters.

Any info / advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Eric Wallet

Tega Cay, SC

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