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996tt Engine Trouble

  • 2001
  • 911 Turbo
72 000

I'm hoping the Porsche seers at PCA can help resolve a problem  that I've had since about a month after I bought my Turbo a year and a half ago that not even some top end Porsche mechanics seem to be able to sort out.

My Turbo has been throwing engine codes forever, specifically P0491 (as we speak), P0492 and P1109 being the most common.  I've been told and researches a number of fixes and tried them all.  The secondary air pump has been replaced, the secondary check valve, the stock plastic diverter valves swapped for Billet aluminium, vacuum leak check... nothing seems to be working and I've now replaced half the system. 

I do have an EvoMS I take, tune and a FabSpeed exhaust that all came with the car.  The EvoMS tune uses a different MAF that is suppose to be more reliable.

I'm at a loss, any ideas before I start replacing more components?



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