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996tt turbo boost


Vehicle Information: Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 6110;

Following up on the turbo boost issue (not able to register more than 0.6 bar on the boost gauge), I ran the fuel tank down very low (to the point where remaining mileage would no longer register on the dash computer) and then switched from Sunoco Ultra 94 to Mobil Premium, purchased in New York City. After approximately 35 miles of fairly congested driving, I was able to accelerate freely and hold high revs and immediately saw 0.7 bar on the boost gauge -- for the first time since at least March 14 (roughly 1400 miles ago). At first just a quick flicker at that level, but after two or three full throttle runs through a couple of gears, it consistently held the higher boost reading for longer, occasionally dropping back to 0.6 just before upshift time. Air temperature at the time was approximately 85 - 90 degrees, which was significantly hotter than on all occasions during the prior 3+ months when the guage would go quickly to 0.6 bar and stop there. So I'm thinking at least part of the problem must have been the gasoline? Any thoughts on why Mobil Premium might (does?) perform better than Sunoco Ultra 94 in this manner? I'm still not seeing 0.8 bar, but do you think achieving that level would be unrealistic given the high outside temperature?I'm scheduled to see the PCNA factory rep next week and will let you know what he says. Incidentally, when I set the appointment with him a few weeks ago, he, too, suggested that I try switching fuels before the service appointment.

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