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About to change head studs


Model: 911, Year:1978, Mileage:65,000, Type of use:Street use only
I am writing this on behalf of my cousin who is getting ready to change the head studs on his 1978 Targa SC 3.0. he has not yet dropped a valve cover to inspect but from what I have read and found out, He has the symptoms. The car has a popping sound when I accelerate, it sounds like some kind of exhaust leak but all the pipes are fine. I have a few questions ,please help!!!Q) First off, could the problem be anything else?Q) Any tips regarding the engine drop?Q) Should I use a particular type of Head stud? My mechanic mentioned a company named ARP but Im not sure if I should use any special type like Dilavar??Q) Should I be using any special gaskets?Q) Should I do any upgrades while I have the engine out? Like the Turbo valve cover upgrade and if so, please give me some specifics as far as parts and makes go???Your input is greatly appreciated as I am new to all of this.......

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