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Model: 996, Year:1999, Mileage:79646, Type of use:Both Street & Track
1999 C2 MANUAL CAB 79646I have found for some time at the track that my front left tire chirps(locks up) when the abs kicks in. (i think the ABS kicks in early) The surface of the track does not sceam to make a difference. I am in the black run group it happens with my street tires , r-compound and when I run with hoosiers. The chirping is louder if I drive with street tires. I have tried a range of different break pads from oem and dedicated track pads from hawk ,ferodo to porterfield all of which sceem to have a shorter life compared to my counterlparts at the track. I can also get the chirp (skip) to do the same at an exit on the highway. I have had the car weighed and it corner balanced ok. the dealer could find no fault codes even though my abs ligh has being known to flash on when i approach read line. I did replace my right front wheel carrier and abs sensor a few years ago with a used unit but the porsche tec said this was not the issue as the sensor did not come back with a fault. Any ideas to the cause or a possible solution to this issue. Although I have not driven another 996 at the track I do feel that I should have more breaking before the abs kicks in. Thanks in Advance Christopher

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