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ABS Braking on 02/03 996


Vehicle Information: Year: 2003; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 1000;

I have noticed that the braking on my 996 is not as good as my Boxster was. The cars weigh approx the same, are both fitted with DOT-R tires and the 996 has larger brakes! The difference appears to be with the ABS. The ABS in the boxtser would allow the tire to lock for a fraction of a second without going into ABS mode. The car then braked very well. The 996 immediately goes into ABS mode with and reasonable hard braking. I experimented this weekend with the car's ABS disabled and found the stopping distances from 80 mph to be almost 1/2 the distance with the ABS disabled. It appears the ABS is coming on based on the initial application and remains on for the duration of the braking even though it is not really needed. A number of other 02/03 owners at local events have also been complaining about this. Any thoughts? It does not appear that te sensitivity can be adjusted nor are any differet programs (i.e. cup car) available yet? Any thoughts? I plan to try Pagid race pads to see if it helps not trigger as easily. I am concerned not only for myself but also anyone who would encounter a panic stop on the street. Obviously, ABS is betetr than not, but bad ABS is even worse. What can I do or try?

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