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ABS warning light, speedometer, odometer


Vehicle Information: Model: 911-964; Year: 1992; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.6 liter; Total Mileage: 25,200;

I have searched the tech section and did not find anything exactly like my problem. Recently, the ABS warning light & the main warning alarm came on at start up. The alarm will stop in about 5 seconds, ABS light stays on, and the speedometer and odometer does not work. It will go off at times and stay off for a while. It works more than it doesn't. I took the car to a local specialty Porsche shop and they checked all of the wheel speed sensor connections and cleaned them. It worked after this and he thought it was fixed, but on a test drive the warning light came on and speedo and odometer stopped. They do not have the software for the C2. They said the dealer would have the proper "hammer". The Porsche dealer in my area, remembers a car that did this once, but don't know exactly what caused it. They want to replace the right front wheel sensor unit that they said is the main control. It it doesn't work, I have a new wheel sensor I didn't need. Their next option is to replace the anti-lock brake unit. They said that their "hammer" will only through out a error fault if not working. No memory to keep prior warning or faults. Any suggestions?

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