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A/C not getting cold anymore

Heating and Ventilation

Vehicle Information: Year: 1980; Body Type: Coupe;

I have owned this car for about 5 years. The car came with factory a/c and still had the orginal non-barrier A/C hoses, in the past I had a friend recharge the system with 134a and this would last for about 2 weeks (car would get cold-with outside temps in the 90's) before the system seemed like it would leak down or at least it seemed to because it would not get cold, althought the Saden compressor seemed to cycle. Last year about spring time I had all the old type A/C hoses replaced with barrier type hoses and also replaced the receiver drier. The system was vacuumed and recharged with 134a, dye put in system and car allowed to set overnight to ensure no leaks. The following morning car was fired up and car warmed up to operating temp (outside temp was about 80 F.) A/c turned on and temp at vents was approx 45 F. During the next few months I drove car off/on and turned on the a/c occasionaly and it seemed to cool good as it was not really hot enough to use. As I had more work to do to car on the interior. I was replacing carpeting, added sound proofing, redyed interior, etc. This interior work required that I remove both thermostat and blower fan switches from console (although wires did not have to be disconnected and I was very careful). After getting everything back together in car I did not use A/c until it was in the upper's 80's, low 90's and noticed that it was not getting very cold (humidity was pretty high outside). Checking vent temp showed 69 F. My mechanic said it sounded like it might be the Thermostat switch as the thermostat switch was not allowing the compressor to stay on long enough. I have not checked with a blue light to see if system has any leaks (next on my list). To me this sounds like the system has leaked down and not an issue with the thermostat. What are your thoughts? Also, can you tell me how much r134a/oil should the system be recharged with?Thanks

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