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Accelerator linkage Zenith carbs

  • 1971
  • 911T
125 000
Fuel System


The "throttle linkage" PN 901.423.026.03 has a dramatic bend in it [see picture].  Looking toward the rear of the car, these multiple bends lie at about an 85 degree angle to vertical, putting uneven wear on the wire portion of the throttle linkage and the slotted ball pin on the "reverse lever front" PN 901.423.250.02 because of the uneven leverage pressure it creates.  That is, the wire in the linkage will wear out the pin, or vice versa.  I don't see a reason for the extreme bend in the linkage, except that the car started life as a sportomatic, and the prior owner was in the process of converting it to a 5 speed when I bought the car.  It's possible the multiple bends in this linkage were needed for the sportomatic.  A straight linkage would not bind on the half-shaft or any other component, and  I am considering changing the linkage to a straight rod.  Do you know why this likage has such extreme bends, and do you see a problem with changing it to a straight rod?  I know how you feel about reengineering what Porsche has done, and I feel the same, but I don't think the linkage will last long in its current setup.  And also, per Roger Chaney's advice some 40 years ago, I did away with the pollution device in the Zenith 40 TIN carbs and changed the idle jets.  This worked beautifully on my first 1971 911T; I have repeated that process on this 911T, so I don't need the wire configuration in the throttle linkage any longer.  As always, thank you for your advice.  I hope I don't wear you out before this restoration is complete.

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