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Adaptive Cruise Control on 2013 Panamera

  • 2013
  • Panamera Turbo
35 000
Electrical and Electronic

I recently experienced problems with the ACC. During driving it unexpectedly turned off by itself for a brief moment, I turned it back on with the button on the cruise control stalk, then after a couple of minutes it turned off again and I receive an error message "ACC not available". For two days it would not turn back on, Now it intermittently works for a couple of minutes, but then  turns off again. I cannot identify any specific reason why or any associated issues. I tried to scan the ACC module with my Durametric scanner, but I get an error message, that it cannot communicate with the module, so no error messages to report.

From my research and reading I suspect the first step and most common issue would be to re-calibrate the ACC and to verify all connections are solid. There is definitely no mechanical obstruction of the sensor.

Is the intermittent function of the ACC a typical appearance of a system in need of calibration? What other causes should I consider? I would have thought a system outr of calibration would just remain in "off" status, not periodically turn itself on again.

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