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aftermarket engine performance upgrades


Vehicle Information: Year: 1998; Body Type: Convertible; Total Mileage: 27,000;

I am interested to know what you think about aftermarket systems to increase performance. There are many options out to increase hp on a normally aspirated 993. I know a fellow here in WI with a protomotive Stage 2 twin turbo done on his c4s and he loves it... no problems either. This involved new pistons and a lower compression ratio. The folks at all 3 proto locations are very reaasuring that the stage 1 system which is entirely bolt on is easily done and doesn't change the original engine components other than exhaust, the turbo and intercooler. This sytem uses .45 bar boost and is reportedly very reliable with many of their installations already repotedly having gone 50-60 k miles without problems. The hp for a varioram engine jumps to 410.Others have said that a supercharger such as that done by turbo performance center is a better way to go... though I have heard stories of supercharged mustangs having significant problems because the effective compression ratio gets way too high.Until Porsche makes a turbo cab it seems if you want to get the blistering quickness of a turbo that some aftermarket modification is the only option. If I didn't want a cab(and could afford it) the turbo with the X-50 option would be my car of choice. I would like to hear your thoughts on this .

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