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AGM or non AGM, the truth is out there, I hope!

  • 2014
  • Cayman S
15 000
Electrical and Electronic
Castro Valley, 

Hello sports car fans and enthusiasts! I have learned that I need to put a battery in my 2014 Cayman S 981 that has the same specs as the original battery. Billion dollar question is, does my car, that has the original battery installed, have a AGM battery or non AGM battery? 1 reputable Porsche repair shop looked at my vehicle by VIN number and determined it is a non- AGM and should have a non AGM battery installed. A battery supplier, has told me that my car calls for a non AGM battery. 2 Porsche dealers tell me that my car requires an AGM battery. Obviously the dealers have an incentive to install an AGM battery because they cost more money and they have to be Mapped to the car, so I am told.
I am a mechanic by profession, aircraft mechanic, and I'm just trying to find out how most importantly what is the battery in my car, the battery that came with my car, is it a AGM battery or a non AGM battery? Does anyone out there know how I can find out the 100% truth? Sorry Porsche dealers I don't trust you 100% 100% of the time. Second question, Does anyone know if it is a big deal to put a non AGM battery in a 2014 Porsche Cayman S that came with a AGM battery? I mean, can you put a non AGM battery in a 2014 981 that came with a AGM battery and what are the consequences?
Gee, I wish we could just go back a few years and put in a DieHard battery like we used to in the old days, laugh out loud!
Thank you in advance for any knowledge you may be able to shed on this subject. Happy motoring, Aloha, David

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