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Air Bag & Annunciator Lights stay on

  • 1995
  • 968 Cabriolet
73 000
Crescent City, 

 For quite some time upon start-up, my air bag and annuciator lights stayed on while everything else has turned off normally.

 At first the two lights would would turn off after a minute or two of driving. As time went on the lights would burn for a longer and longer period before going out. Finally, they stayed on all the time until the ignition was turned off.

 I had a shop read for codes and it came back with the generic "air bag" message. No other details as to the specific problem. The message was cleared and of course, the next time the ignition was started the lights stayed on.

 I was also having a problem with the engine temperature guage flucuating and sticking at maxium temp (sometimes tapping on the panel would make the temp read normal). I disconnected the temp sensor and the guage stayed "pinned".  I suspected a faulty ground on the instument cluster might be the reason for both problems.

 Removing the binnacle and visual inspection did not reveal anything unusual. I proceeded to very carefully clean all three cable plugs both male and female ends. I reinstalled the panel, taking particular care to insure that the plugs were firmly secured.

 I also inspected the temp guage and found that when gently moving the needle through its range it would stick at max temp. I liberally sprayed it  with W-40 and worked the needle through it's range. It would no longer stick on max.

 I removed the air bag for inspection and checked the connecting wires/plugs for continuity. Everything looked good.

 I put everything back together and the airbag lights are now back to staying on for a for a few minutes before going out and the temp guage has stuck a couple of times.

Help!! Where should I go from here??? Thanks in advance.

Fred Miramontes

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