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Vehicle Information: Year: 2004 GT2; Engine (Size, Modifications): Exhaust ,Ecu and divertor valves; Total Mileage: 1680;

I have a 2004 GT2 ,Iwant to do some modification to the engine.I was thinking Ecu,Exhaust,divetor valves and air intake.I,am working with Rennsport systems in Portland Oregon.They agree with everything that I want to do except the air intake,they think that if I go to a aftermarket air intake such as EVO or K&N that I run a stong possability of a problem with the mass air flow sensor on the engine.I have read many articles from different tuners in several publications and it seem,s that they recomend changing the air intake and some of them say to change the plumbing.I,am after 50 to 75 horse power,I believe these upgrades should be adequate,what do you recomend on the air intake and do you think that these upgrades the best bang for the buck? Thank You for your time Robert ShillingtonPS The biggest problem is that I live 500 miles from Portland and there are no reputable tuners in Idaho,so if I have a problem I have to traler it back over to Portland ther inlies the problem as far as logistics.

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