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Vehicle Information: Year: 1980; Body Type: Targa;

In view of ther enormous numbers of questions on this toopic, the problem must be common. I see in the April 2007 Excellence, p. 66 the statement " On initial turn-in, the front wheels ( talking about a (911R) wheels seem reluctant to move form the straight ahead position, a sensation akin to trying to push a toy gyroscope off course, JUST AS THEY DO IN MOST 991S" ( MY EMPHASIS) I am about to get my third alignment to try to correct this problem on my 911SC, but it seems that I will be wasting my time, because they all do it!What do you think- is this one man's opinion in Excellence, or do they really all "do it". In the past I just had the front end done, but this time I was going for the full alignment.

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