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Model: Carrera 2, Year:2002, Mileage:23,000, Type of use:Street use only
This is a follow up to my earlier question regarding alignment and the excessive wear on the inside edge of both rear tires (18"). After our 1st exchange of e-mails with you I purchased & installed 4 new N-spec PS2 Michelins. After installation with a full tank of fuel I had the local Porsche dealer perform a 4 wheel alignment. Let's just concentrate on the rears wheel settings where the wear on the inside edge of both rear tires was the most severe. Here are the settings I received in a print out from the Porsche dealer after the alignment was complete. (note I am using the * symbol for degrees)Left Camder; Before: -1*16', After: -1*14", Right Camber; Before: -1*30', After: -1*10', Spec range: -1*25" to -0*55'Left Toe; Before: 0*12', After: 0*11', Right Toe; Before: 0*12', After: 0*10', Spec Range: 0*05' to 0*15'Cross Camber; Before: 0*14', After: -0*04', Spec Range: -0*20 to 0*20'Total Toe; Before: 0*24', After: 0*21', Spec Range: 0*10' to 0*30'Thrust Angle; Before: 0*00', After: 0*00', Spec Range: -0*10' to 0*10'The Porsche race garage I go to states "A commercial 4 wheel "alignment" done by a Porsche dealer consists of attaching sensors; veryfying the factory settings within a range; NOT specifically aligning to a certain desired specification." The race shop states that they use a much more accurate method of utilizing bubble levels to arrive at specific settings not just within ranges.So give this information and the fact that the car is used for street use only, is the $160 alignment used by the Porsche dealer or the $500 hand alignment from the race shop the right way to go given that a set of 4 Michelins cost more than $1400.Thanks

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