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Alternator Wire Connection

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Vehicle Information: Model: 911 ; Year: 1988; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.3L; Total Mileage: 102000;

Chris,UNABLE TO UPLOAD THE PICTURE DUE TO SECURITY SETTINGS AT WORK. DO YOU HAVE AN E-MAIL ADDRESS TO WHICH I COULD SEND THE PICTURE FROM HOME WITHOUT HAVING TO GO THROUGH THE "SUBMIT A QUESTION" PROCEDURE ALL OVER AGAIN, PLEASE? I am attaching a picture to illustrate my alternator connection dilemma. There are four electrical harness wires to attach to the alternator, and three connectors (10MM - Red wire; 8mm - Black wire; 7mm - Blue wire; The two brown wires spliced into one are/is the problem. Brown wire connector is 8mm. I had them all marked but when I sent the alternator to be rebuilt, they removed my markings in the cleaning process, I presume. (If anyone needs the info on this rebuild facility in PA let me know - Total cost $89 plus one way Shipping to their shop - normally there is a refundable core charge, however, they didn't have my alternator in stock so I sent them mine - had it back in less than one week) Question: Do the two brown wire into one lead go on the 8mm or 7mm connector? When I took them off I thought they went together on the 7mm connector (blue wire), but obviously I am not sure. This is keeping me fron enjoying driving my Porsche now that the weather is beginning to warm up in Colorado Springs.Regards,Vincent88 Porsche Colorado Springs, CO

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