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Another follow up to 996 PSE and Torque


Vehicle Information: Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 16300;

As a follow up to my question regarding a significant increase in apparent power to my 02 996 after installation of the Porsche Sport Exhaust I wanted to ask two more questions. You might recollect that I found that the cars top speed increased from about 131-132 to 143-144 on a track that I use frequently and that the weather conditions were very similar. However I had forgotten that one of the Catalytic converters had been replaced at the same time that the PSE was installed. The cat was replaced because it had somehow broken loose inside and according to the tech was jammed with some material .I'm assuming some negative impact on power? My Other question regards another earlier issue that I had asked you about last fall. This had to do with white smoke on restart of the car after track sessions. This was(and is )the only time the car exhibits this condition .Assuming that the white smoke is oil is it likely that this is the reason that the Cat had to be replaced?

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