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another oil level question


Vehicle Information: Year: 1997 993TT; Engine (Size, Modifications): stock; Total Mileage: 12700;

Pretty sure these questions/concerns have been asked more than a few times. I love the car and want to keep it a long time. I've read the other threads regarding these issues--just need to double check with the experts.I recently had the oil changed at a local independent shop. It is not a daily driver--warm summer weekends only. I let the car warm up for 5 min or so and let the temp gauge get to the second set of marks before driving at higher speeds.I've noticed the oil level gauge doesn't leave the red mark even after 20 min or so of driving. When I pull over to check the oil (car running on a flat surface)--the oil level gauge pops into the the white range and the level on the dipstick is right in the middle. Also, when I put the car in neutral and coast--the gauge pops out of the red into the white part of the gauge.My question: is it normal for the oil level gauge to take so long to register a reading. It stays in the red when driving normal highway speeds--5th or 6th gear going 60-80 mph. When I first bought the car the oil level gauge would pop into the white range within 5 min and barely dropped when pressing the gas(prepurchase inspection stated oil was overfilled). Oil temp and pressure seem fine--no leaks or smoke.

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