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Anti Lock waring light, and driver side window problem follow -up


Vehicle Information: Year: 1992; Body Type: Cabriolet; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.6L; Total Mileage: 77K;

Following-up with problems with my car now having at EMC Collision in Fremont, California. This is the body shop Claridge Porsche dealer in Fremont referred me to. The body shop people have called me this afternoon and told me that they have found and fixed problem with my car left window which was makink clicking sound when the window was closing at 2/3 of it way up, but they still telling me that they have reset the computer in my 964 and now the "Anti Lock" warning light now has no longer lit up. I told them that I needed written infomation from the shop that they did resetted to make the "anti lock" warning light disappear; they then told me that I will get the info for me and they will call me back for the info. Three hours after that conversation, they then called me back and said the Porsche mechanic at Claridge in Fremont, California did the diagnostic and found there was a blown fuse thus why the "anti lock" warning was on, and they have replaced the bad fuse. Is there a fuse for the ABS sistem? and if that fuse was blown how can the warning light for the anti lock still lit up?Are they correct? or they just trying to make another lame excuse? How can I proved that they did not un-plug the little light in the intrument panel so that "anti lock" warning will never lit up again? Moreover, my car battery was in very good condition(2 years new), now they said that they are ordering a new battery for my car at their expense. Can you guess what have they done to my car thus why they will have to replace new battery for my car? This morning I also called them and asked them to instal my car winshield wipers to the correct possition because the way they set those wipers up was not exactly like they used to be before I brought the car in to their shop; I also copied some digital pictures of the wipers the same day the car went in accident and sent them to the shop for them to see. With those photos they told me over the phone that they have re-adjustted those wipers for me already. Further more, they have left out all metal strips under the black bumper last Friday, and today they told me that they have ordered those metal strips which goes under the car and will put them back for my car and my car will be ready by tomorrrow afternoon. I am now mainly concerning about the "anti lock" warninglight and the window which was making funny clicking sound when it is rolling up from about 2/3 to fully close. Please show me how to check certain things before I pick up my car tomorrow at EMC Collision shop in Fremont, California. Thank you in advance.

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