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Auto Door Lock

  • 1997
  • 911 Carrera
55 000
New York

When I try to lock my car with the key fob, the passenger door locks, the driver’s door doesn’t, the horn beeps once, and then unlocks the passenger door. The same thing happens when I use the inside toggle switch. I can start the car using the button on the key fob, which has a new battery. I took apart the driver’s side door, and when I move the door lock motor arm by hand, the alarm goes off.  I concluded that the door lock motor is bad, so I took it out.  When I lock the passenger side door with the key fob and open the driver’s door, the alarm goes off.  If I lock the passenger door with the fob, and lock the driver’s door with the key, both doors are locked, and the alarm is activated. I can open the passenger’s door with the fob, the driver’s door with the key, start the car, and everything is fine.

Do you agree that the door lock motor is bad, or do you think the alarm computer is at fault?

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